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Company Salary Payment

Get to know total monthly salary pays to staff.
A strong, relevant and well-communicated benefits package not only helps employers make sure they get the pick of employees at recruitment, but can also help them retain happy, committed workers.
-total hourly pays
-daily pay
-OT pay
-Late working salary deduction
-Punch card
-Entertaiment Claim
-Off day (total Off day 16/18/20 days)and total spended and Left over
-On Leave
-Apply leave
-Warning Letter
-Achievement Percentage for Increment ( % going to promote) or (% going to increase salary)so the worker will see the % and get more hardworking For the Aim.
-Give employees time off to vote
-Comply with all workers' compensation requirements.
-Paid vacations, holidays or sick leave
small to Big-business owners

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